Rue Jean Meunier 6,
6922 Wellin, Belgium
BE 0799.225.560

Who we are ?

Expert since 1874

We are a historic hat shop, proud of over a century of expertise in Belgium and France. Rooted in tradition, we continue a unique craftsmanship, forging strong bonds with our customers. Our hats, symbols of elegance and quality, reflect our commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Close to our clientele, we value listening and personalized service, celebrating the values that have guided us since our beginnings.

A reinvented shopping experience

Our hat shop, HERMAN 1874, offers a wide range of headwear for every taste: from cozy beanies to casual bobs, airy straw hats, and iconic baseball caps.

Each hat is a promise of elegance and comfort. For special occasions, our ceremonial hats add a unique touch of refinement.

Additionally, we offer accessories such as elegant gloves and sturdy umbrellas to complete your style. With us, the shopping experience is more than just a transaction; it's an immersion in the world of fashion where every customer finds their happiness.

Herman 1874, a reliable choice

Herman 1874 stands out as the preferred choice for fashion accessories and hats. We offer exceptional value for money and have an exceptionally responsive team. Our collections combine elegance, quality, and innovation, ensuring satisfaction and style for our customers. Experience Herman 1874, where excellence and fashion come together.